Of the Sea

2010 - 2012

Of the Sea is a direct observational response to nature as well as something more subjective. Painting in plein air is a chance to observe the shifting elements of ocean, sky, and sand. The resulting work is a bid for reckoning with nature’s cyclical patterns, repetition and endless variety through flowing washes and drips. The sea presents a singular expanse that sweeps the mind clean. Painting fast and loose as the light changes is an exhilarating race to a possible object of contemplation.

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Fair Day at Seaside, oil on linen
Storm at Seaside, Sunset, oil on linen
Seaside Park, Crisp Day, watercolor
Ocean, watercolor
Monk by the Sea, watercolor and oil on paper
Storm at Seaside, Facing South , oil on panel
Thunderstorm, Seaside Park, oil on canvas
Angry Ocean, Boca, ink and watercolor
Gray Day, Green Waves, oil on panel
Seaside Square, oil on panel
Storm at Seaside, Green Wave, oil on canvas
Storm at Seaside, Green Wave
Oil on canvas, 2012
18 by 28 inches